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Turning ideas into innovation.

A world class research staff assembled from around the world and the best agencies, we are leading the way in the field of energy innovation.


Picture of James Fenton.James Fenton, Director

"...the right team and the right time to bring about an energy revolution. "
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Director's Office
Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Florida Solar Energy Center and the caretakers of Florida’s renewable energy vision; meet the people that make it all happen.
Advanced Technologies Research
A catalog of who’s who in hydrogen today, our scientists, and engineers are working to further the advent of the hydrogen economy.  Come meet our team. 
Buildings Research
Leading the industry in energy efficient building design techniques and materials research, explore the many skilled individuals who are helping to make your house a green home.
Energy Systems Integration
Browse some of the brightest minds in solar today; researchers who are shedding some light onto photovoltaics and solar thermal technology.
Solar Technologies Research
See who is behind the solar technologies of the future with this lineup of enlightened researchers.