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Combustion Safety

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Price: $699.00
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RESNET HERS Raters (a Class 1 in Florida)must comply with the new RESNET Combustion Appliance Safety Testing protocols outlined in Chapter 8 of RESNET Standards.  Combustion Safety Testing is a requirement for homes with gas appliances participating in the EnergyStar program. Raters certified prior to 12/31/13 have until 12/31/14 to pass the Combustion module. This is a mandatory requirement to maintain certification. At the present, there is a single path to comply RESNET testing requirements for the CAZ and Work Scope certification include a traditional online open book multiple choice exam (25 questions, 2 hours) and a new practical exam. The practical exam is an internet-based 3-D simulation exam.

You will need to register to get access to the simulation tool prior to coming to class. The price of the simulation exam is $199 and includes RESNETís certification fee. This will also allow you access to the simulation trainer prior to the exam. Here is the link to purchase: The multiple choice exam is $50 and is paid directly to RESNET on the day you choose to test.

You are only allowed to challenge the CAZ exams if you are currently a Certified BPI Building Analyst I. There will be no exceptions. You must present documentation before the exam is set up. If you wish to challenge the exam without the class, it must be done in a RESNET approved proctored setting. We offer this on the various exam days throughout the year as well as remotely. Click here to reserve your spot.

This is an optional two-day course with the third-day of testing (both the multiple choice and practical simulation). The class with cover the RESNET protocols, how to perform the testing, hands on practice, field trip to a house with combustion appliances, and a walk through of the simulation tool. Students are able to take the test on the third day or can choose to come back on another exam day. Students that choose to come back on an exam day must reserve their spot here.

Registration begins at 8:00 am and class starts at 8:30 am. Lunch is provided on both days.

Course Location
Florida Solar Energy Center
Room 111
1679 Clearlake Road
Cocoa , FL , 32922, United States Of America

All payments are fully refundable if cancellation is received at least 7 business days before the class begins. FSEC reserves the right to cancel any course in the event of insufficient pre-registration. In that event, all payments are fully refundable.

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