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Powerful ideas for what lies ahead.

With innovative ideas, motivated researchers, and a clear vision, we're solving tomorrow's energy problems today.

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Enjoy healthier living and energy efficiency through the use of modern industrial technology.
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Energy expertise and the tools to get the job done. Come find out how handy we can be.
From Microorganism control to indoor air quality, our research is cleaning up our world.
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Cutting edge facilities and an expansive knowledge base make FSEC an obvious choice.
Our research into storage, production and application holds great promise for this humble element.
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Intellectual property to help spread the use of new technology.
Our system modeling, monitoring and module production research is pointing us all to a bright future.
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Solar Thermal
Though it's one of the oldest solar heating technologies, we're still learning how cool thermal really is.
FSEC has lead the way with AFVs. Take a look at how we're driving into the future through our research.